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The Australian Labradoodles breed was originated in the 1980s, due to the specific need to obtain a dog with the capacity to assist a blind person and that at the same time would not cause allergies to the family nor lose the hair.

Development took the whole decade and the Aussies of Tegan Park and Rutland Manor

They achieved it by taking the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle as original breeds.

Our dogs descend directly from these lines.

This implies that the authentic Australian Labradoodle is not simply the direct cross of a Labrador

with a Poodle, called Labradoodles (just), but a breed with characteristics

established over more than 30 years of work.

The Australian Labradoodle is the perfect balance between a playful, curious, cuddly, super intelligent and beautiful puppy, and an affectionate, companionable, empathetic, sociable adult dog, always looking for eye contact, always wanting to be where you are. It is with no doubt, the best choice.


Our dogs range between small and medium size, depending on the litter and the selected parents, but when the time comes we can assure our customers of the exact size of their puppy when it reaches adulthood.



Of the Australian Labradoodles

  • The temperament of the Australian Labradoodle is balanced and with great potential to carry out therapy and assistance tasks

  • They are extremely intelligent, sociable, sensitive,  cheerful and empathic dogs.

  • Very loyal to their family, they are not aggressive at all and get along well with other dogs or animals.

  • They are easy to train and very good with children.

  • They easily learn tricks and special tasks.

  • It is a race  that develops from contact with people.

  • They are highly intuitive about the emotional state of family members and it is this ability to 'sense' that has made Australian Labradoodles great dogs for people with special needs.

  • They adapt easily to any place, be it city or rural area


  • They keep us from feeling alone.

  • They can prevent or promote recovery from depression. 

  • They help us to have a routine. 

  • They increase our self-esteem. 

  • They push us to take better care of ourselves.

  • They preserve our health.

  • They help us relate more.

  • They reduce stress.

  • They keep our minds in shape. 

  • Your company makes us feel safer.

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